September 2012

Scanning Negatives via iPhone

I found this great tip for checking your film negatives guerrilla-style via the iPhone.

1. First hold your negative up to a light source to illuminate from behind.

2. Take a photo of the negative (get the focus right! I use Camera Awesome app).

3. Using Photogene2 app crop the negative and then slide the Level controls from left to right and right to left. This changes negative to positive.

4. Check out the scanned image!

This is good for proofing your negatives before proper scanning and works well with medium and large format negatives, I haven’t tried it with 35mm yet.

Brolly Test

Marta helped test out the Pagoda/Witches umbrella tonight with a speedlight gaffer-taped to the underside. Tomorrow I’ll be shooting Sylvia at the windmill in Rottingdean around sunset and am hoping the brolly performs well!

A few issues with the amount of light that leaks out of the top of the brolly. May need to put some foil inside to mask it.

Apart from that I’m very pleased with the results. This has been an idea of mine from earlier in the year but that concept involved a unicycle! Unfortunately my model went away to Sweden for the Summer so was unable to pose.