A Trip to the Dew Pond

I also wanted to try out my Linhof Technika large format camera with some Ilford HP5 B&W 5×4 film

It was really foggy up at the Beacon and cold! Wrapped up well I scouted around the pond to look for a good composition.

Now shooting with large format really slows you down. The sheer size of the camera on the tripod, framing (upside down, back-to-front) and the need to view under a dark cloth (or coat!) against a dim screen.

camera set up, I took a reading with my Sekonic L308s of 1/60 at f4.5 ISO400. Now the Lihof has slightly different settings so I set it up as close as I could:

1/50 at f4.7

I only took two shots per composition. No spray-and-pray with analogue.

For the second set up I made a few adjustments to exposure in aperture settings but the shutter was sticking and I ended up with my hand in front of the lens whilst trying to trigger it!

And that was it! Just a test and no point in wasting expensive film if the camera had some issues. Plus I shot off some behind the scenes images on the Fuji XE-1 and iPhone 5s that satisfied me for the day.

Next time I’ll wrap up better, bring wells and maybe a model!!Dew Pond Large Format Test BTS